Our Eboard

We will be having mini elections on Monday, February 12th, at 8:30pm in our lounge, UUW-302! Submit your letter of intent here: https://goo.gl/forms/dJwJ48aQpYIB8yW02

Our Director! Brandon. If you email the director account, Brandon will be answering you. If you are interested in getting in contact with the group at all, feel free to send him a message. Brandon is a senior psychology/nursing major.

Our Assistant Director! Angie. She is Brandon’s second in command, and helps keep the group organized. She is a senior linguistics major.

Our Special Projects Manager! Are you interested in working with the drag show or have an idea for a major project? Run for this position at our upcoming election!

Our Treasurer! Michelle. She handles all the money for the group, so thank her for all the wonderful events we are able to put on. She is a senior philosophy, politics, and law major.

Our Historian! Run for this position at our upcoming election! This individual is responsible for taking notes at executive board meetings and maintaining alumni network. If you are an alum, and you would like to be included, please contact us through the director@binghamtonrpu.com email.

Our Public Relations Director! Sarah. She does outreach to each group we work with and anything within the community. She is a sophomore history major.

Our Marketing Director! Lyss*. Lyss invites the group to all of our meetings and events, designs and posts flyers, and maintains our social media accounts. Lyss is a senior economics major.

Our Activism Director! This individual looks into community opportunities for volunteering and focuses on the fundraising for the group. Interested in getting involved in LBGTQ+ activism on campus? Run for this position at our upcoming election!

Our Health Coordinator! Ruth. She runs meetings on health issues and provides informational sheets. She also orders all the condoms for the group. She is a sophomore.

Our At Large Members! Dianna, Nicole*, and Samantha. All of these wonderful members give ideas to the rest of the board in order to have creative weekly meetings. Typically, new eboard members will start out as eboard at large members. However, you do not need to be on eboard at large in order to run for other positions. If a position is open, anyone may run for it.

*Denotes an Advisor to the Executive Board; these members have held the position(s) of Director and / or Assistant Director in the past. They know the ins and outs of the group, advise the eboard on major decisions, and help train newer eboard members.