Our Eboard

Attention Freshmen and Sophomores!!! 

A great deal of our e-board is graduating soon! If you are interested in a position, please reach out to us. We hold elections at the end of every semester. We would love to have you!


Our Director! Juliana (she/her)
Juliana is a junior Biology major. If you email the director account, Juliana will be answering you. If you are interested in getting in contact with the group at all, feel free to send her a message!

Our Assistant Director! Skyler (he/him)
He is a senior Psychology major. He is the second in command and helps keep the group organized.

Our Treasurer! Matthew (any pronouns)
He is a junior Computer Science and Mathematics major. She handles all the money for the group, so thank it for all the wonderful events we are able to put on.

Our Historian!
This position is responsible for taking notes at executive board meetings and maintaining our alumni network. If you are an alum and would like to be included, please contact us through the director@binghamtonrpu.com email.

Our Marketing Director! 
This position makes our posters and emails our listserve to keep our general body members informed on meetings and what we’re up to!

Our Health Coordinator!
This position runs meetings on health issues and provides informational sheets. They also orders all the condoms for the group.

Our Special Projects Manager!
This position is in charge of our major events, including our annual drag show!

Our At Large Members! 
Our E-board at large members give ideas to the rest of the board in order to have creative weekly meetings. Typically, new eboard members will start out as eboard at large members. However, you do not need to be on eboard at large in order to run for other positions. If a position is open, anyone may run for it.

Our Public Relations Director! 
This position does outreach to each group we work with and anything within the community.

Our Activism Director!
This position looks into community opportunities for volunteering and focuses on the activism for the group.  If you have any ideas about activism that you would like to see our organization do please reach out to us by email at director@binghamtonrpu.com and let us know! We currently don’t have anyone in this position. If it sounds like something you’d be interested in, run for this position at our upcoming election!